Tips for using your clothes sustainably

Anyone who takes good care of her clothes will enjoy them for a long time. That's why we have collected all our clothing care tips for you in this care guide. Choose below which product category you would like to read washing and care tips about.

Veja sneakers

Caring for your Veja senakers | Sophie Stone

Bufandy scarves

Caring for your Bufandy scarf | Sophie Stone


Clothing Repair | Sophie Stone

Storage tips

Clothing storage tips | Sophie Stone


Removing the most common stains

Winter coats

Winter coat washing | Sophie Stone 


Sportswear washing | Sophie Stone

Wool knits

Washing wool knits | Sophie Stone

Swedish Stockings tights

Swedish Stockings tights maintained | Sophie Stone



Washing jeans | Sophie Stone

A second life

Give clothes a second life | Sophie Stone

Get the itch out of your sweater

Get the itch out of your sweater | Sophie Stone


Sustainable washing in 9 steps 

There are many ways you can wash more sustainably. You quickly think of washing at low temperatures, but the right detergent and the perfect amount of detergent will affect how much impact your wash has on the environment. In addition, your clothes will last a lot longer if you put them in the machine the right way. You can read all about it in our blog Sustainable washing in 9 steps.


Sustainable Laundry in 9 Steps | Sophie Stone


Meaning wax symbols

Want to know what the washing symbol in the sewing label of your Sophie Stone item means? Check it out in the image below:

Washing instructions | Sophie Stone

Still unsure how to best care for your garment? You can always contact us and we will be happy to help you get started!