Guppyfriend washing bag



Use this laundry bag (74x50 cm)to wash your synthetic clothes (e.g. polyester, nylon, acrylic, fleece and rPET) and prevent microplastics from entering rivers and oceans. In addition, the bag protects your clothing so that it wears less, stays nicer longer and fewer fibers come loose. The Guppyfriend captures 99% of microplastics that would otherwise enter surface water through the sewer system. The bag itself is made of polyamide and does not release fibers during washing. Ideal for your tights and sports and rainwear made of (recycled) polyester, for example!


  1. Put synthetic clothes in the laundry bag. Do not overload the laundry bag and sort by colour. 
  2. Close the laundry bag, place it in the machine with your other laundry (e.g. cotton) and wash as usual.
  3. Remove the clothes from the bag after washing.
  4. Remove the remaining fluff (microplastics) from the corners and hem of the laundry bag and dispose of it in the residual waste. 

Watch the video on how to use the Guppyfriend here.

Materials & care
  • Material: polyamide 6.6
  • Vegan: yes
  • Do not put Guppyfriend in the dryer
  • Do not rinse with running water 
  • Sharp objects such as zips can damage the bag
  • Do not iron or sun-dry the laundry bag
  • Use only liquid detergents 
  • Remove coarse dirt and animal hair before washing
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