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Buy durable lingerie

From beautiful lingerie sets, to stylish basics; our eco-friendly underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. So you can wear something every day that you feel comfortable in and that puts as little strain on the earth as possible. Our basic bras and briefs are made of Tencel and organic cotton, responsible materials that feel soft and comfortable. Do you like to wear something special, like a beautiful bralette? Our beautiful lace lingerie sets are made from recycled materials and give you a sustainable-sexy look!

Eco-friendly underwear for women

Are you looking for comfortable durable underwear? We sell several brands with nice offerings. The collection of People Tree is very comfortable to wear. The underwear of this brand is made of organic cotton, when growing this material, the environment is affected as little as possible. Because People Tree offers all kinds of bottoms, there is something for everyone. From high-waisted knickers to briefs and thongs; you will always find an option you feel comfortable in. The thongs from Bamboo Basics wear like a second skin, due to the use of eco-friendly bamboo the underwear is silky soft and hypoallergenic. The bamboo plant grows very quickly and requires little water, also no chemicals are used in cultivation, so this material has a minimal carbon footprint. Do you like to wear camisoles? Then the tops from Organic Basics fine items. These tops are made of tencel. This fabric consists of natural fibers, derived from eucalyptus or beech trees. And for beautiful, sophisticated lingerie, we recommend Underprotection . This brand's beautiful bralettes, bras and bottoms are made from recycled polyamide, derived from residual materials from the textile industry. This material is very strong and therefore very suitable for creating lace.

Sustainable nightwear

In addition to lingerie, we also have beautiful eco-friendly nightwear. Our sustainable pajamas for women are a treat to look at. They are great for sleeping in, but also suitable for a relaxing movie night on the couch. Our ecological nightwear is made of lyocell satin, this material is made of cellulose from wood chips. Super soft and comfortable!