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Swedish streetwear brand Dedicated

Dedicated is a Swedish clothing brand founded in 2006 by a group of friends. According to them, there was not yet a streetwear brand on the market committed to better working conditions and a smaller ecological footprint. After all, it is not a given that every clothing brand produces fairly and sustainably. The brand, like all the others at Sophie Stone, wants to show that fashion can be different; fair and responsible. Made from sustainable and organic fabrics without toxic pesticides. According to Dedicated, it's a matter of mindset and seeing the bigger picture. Dedicated's collections have a young urban style, from which we select the real Sophie Stone items. 

Materials Dedicated

Dedicated uses a variety of materials with low environmental impact. For example, since its inception in 2006, the clothing brand has worked exclusively with organic cotton. The farming process uses up to 91% less water, 62% less energy, and emits 46% less Co2 compared to conventional cotton farming. All of Dedicated's organic cotton is GOTS certified. This means that no toxic chemicals have been used. Dedicated also uses recycled polyester. This way they bypass the oil extraction required to make new polyester. That production uses 59% less energy and emits 32% less Co2. It also saves significant amounts of water. In addition, Dedicated uses Tencel™ Lyocell. This eco-friendly fiber is made from wood pulp. Tencel™ is produced in a closed-loop system, which means 99% of the solvent is reused. It is obtained from trees grown on farms-so don't worry, there are no old forests being damaged.

Production Dedicated

At Dedicated, they only work with suppliers who share the same values as they do. And we at Sophie Stone like that. The suppliers are certified by reliable and legitimate social standards. This means that the factories & ateliers working for them must undergo an audit that confirms basic social standards. The factories and ateliers are also regularly visited by Dedicated to maintain a strong relationship and ensure that they understand and sign the special code of conduct for suppliers V02. Dedicated's clothing is mainly produced in China and India.


Dedicated considers it important that they work with reliable and credible certificates. This is because it shows that they are serious about their sustainable mission. In addition to certificates for the materials they use, they also have several certificates that verify their social standards. Dedicated's materials have a Fairtrade license, a GOTScertificate and are PETA Vegan Approved. They also have another GRS certification, an SA8000 certificate and are rated by the nonprofit WRAP on 12 principles.