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These trendy rain ponchos are from the brand Rainkiss. Wessel Buis, founder of Rainkiss, often went to Bali for his work . In the rainy season a rain poncho comes in handy there, however, the quality of the local poncho is often very poor. When Wessel discovered that no stylish, durable poncho of high quality existed, he founded Rainkiss.

Sustainable rain ponchos made from PET bottles

All ponchos from this brand are made from 100% recycled plastic. Each sustainable poncho is made from a minimum of 20 PET bottles. The brand produces high-quality and waterproof rain ponchos with seams that are taped shut and an adjustable hood. With a water column of 7000mm you are sure to stay dry! Even on the bike you can adjust the poncho to your needs by using the push buttons on both sides. 

Quality, durable, convenient and fashionable

Rainkiss' ponchos are also unisex, lightweight and one size fits all. The poncho can be easily folded and stored in the pouch pocket attached to the poncho. You will even find a QR code that you can scan for up-to-date weather information and fun Spotify playlists.