Clothing labels & certifications

Hallmarks in slow fashion

In the world of fair fashion, you come across various labels and certifications that indicate that clothing is fair and/or sustainably made. For these labels, clothing brands are tested against a number of criteria by an independent organization that issues the certificate. This is very nice, because in this way we as consumers are helped to make a conscious choice for sustainable clothing.

Major clothing brands vs. start-ups

When a (sustainable) clothing brand is not affiliated with a label, it does not immediately mean that the clothing brand or its supplier is not doing fair or sustainable business. A clothing brand may have several reasons for this. Hallmarks are often expensive and young clothing brands cannot always afford this, while larger clothing brands have budgets for this.

In addition, larger sustainable clothing brands that produce outside of Europe often have labels to show that the studios they work with are audited by independent organizations (the labels). Fair Wear and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) are two well-known examples. This lets you know that your garment was produced under fair conditions. But it is also common for sustainable clothing brands to work with their own factories. Then a label is not necessary, because the brand itself knows how things work in their own factory: under fair conditions with respect for people and the environment. More and more sustainable clothing brands want to be as transparent as possible and provide a lot of information on their own website and social media channels. Therefore, in addition to looking at labels, we recommend looking at how transparent clothing brands are about their production process and materials in their communications.

Hallmarks at Sophie Stone

At Sophie Stone, we work with sustainable clothing brands affiliated with various labels and/or consumer labels. This way, both we and the sustainable brands within Sophie Stone can guarantee our promises of sustainability and fair working conditions to you.

Although many brands strive to be as sustainable as possible, in today's fashion industry it is difficult to be fully sustainable. As a result, a garment is often not 100% sustainable (yet), but sustainable in terms of materials, for example, or there are strict controls to ensure that production takes place in a socially responsible environment. If animal welfare is very important to you, you can also consciously choose vegan fashion, for example. At Sophie Stone, we understand that sustainability when it comes to clothing can mean something different for everyone. That is why we have divided the different labels in our webshop into categories, so that you can make a conscious choice for sustainable fashion based on your own sustainable preferences.

The labels in the Sophie Stone webshop can be divided into three categories:

Help! There are so many kinds of labels for clothing

We understand that with all the different labels, sometimes you don't know what it means anymore. That is why we have listed the labels within Sophie Stone for you, and provide additional information for each label. Are you shopping in our shop and would you like to know which label the garment in your basket has? At Sophie's you can see which hallmark each brand and product has. Do you have any questions about the labels on this page? Mail us your question and we will gladly answer it for you! Ask your question via: