The great sustainable denim summer guide | Sophie Stone

The great sustainable denim summer guide

Spring is coming. That's why we thought it would be good to make a big denim summer guide. Because what exactly is the difference between shorts or where do undyed jeans differ from each other? You can read it in this blog!
March 07, 2023
Capsule wardrobe summer | Sophie Stone

8 tips for creating a capsule wardrobe in 2023

Will 2023 be the year you start putting together a capsule wardrobe, but have no idea where to start? We understand how frustrating it is when your closet is full of clothes that don't really make you happy. Therefore we help you in 8 practical tips to a minimalist closet.
March 07, 2023
All about clothing labels | Sophie Stone

All about clothing labels

How exactly does a clothing label work? In this blog, we focus on seals of approval in the apparel industry and also, in particular, the seals of approval you will find in the Sophie Stone webshop.
March 07, 2023
How to care for your Bufandy scarf | Sophie Stone

How do you care for your Bufandy scarf?

How best to care, maintain and wash your soft Bufandy alpaca scarf? In any case, wash it as little as possible. Want to wash it anyway? We explain in the blog how best to do so!
March 07, 2023
Blog knits vs. fabrics | Sophie Stone

Knits vs. Tissues

When you think of knits, you probably quickly think of chunky knit sweaters. But did you know that most T-shirts are also knitted? So what exactly is the difference between a knit and a fabric? And when to choose a knit and when to choose a weave? Today we will explain to you the basics of knits and fabrics and by the end of this blog you will be able to recognize exactly if your garment is a knit or a fabric.
March 07, 2023
Swedish Stockings care tips | Sophie Stone

Swedish Stockings tights life extension

How do you make sure your tights last as long as possible? Swedish Stockings' durable tights last a long time due to their premium quality, provided you treat them carefully. In this blog we explain how you can best care for your Swedish Stockings.
March 07, 2023
The benefits of slow fashion | Sophie Stone

The benefits of slow fashion

Slow Fashion has many advantages and takes into account people and nature. But what exactly are these advantages? You can read this in this blog.
March 07, 2023
Discover our new brand: Alohas | Sophie Stone

Discover our new brand: Alohas

Are you ready for summer yet? We are! Since this week you can complete your summer outfit with us. Namely with Alohas sandals and boots. We are very happy with this addition to the Sophie Stone webshop. 
March 07, 2023
Care tips for your winter clothes | Sophie Stone

Care tips for your winter clothing

In winter, we deal with many different fabrics that are incorporated into our lovely thick sweaters, coats and scarves to keep us warm. So how can you best take care of them so you can enjoy these garments as long as possible? With all these handy tips, you can enjoy your favorite winter items as long as possible. Good for you and for our planet!
March 07, 2023
Don't choose fast fashion | Sophie Stone

4 reasons to really opt out of fast fashion right now

4 main reasons not to choose fast fashion are environmental pollution, poor working conditions, low quality and trends that you quickly get tired of. Instead, choose fair fashion and do yourself, the garment workers and the planet a big favor with quality timeless fashion to love for a long time!
March 07, 2023
Yin & Yang meaning

Yin & Yang: the attraction between opposing energies

What do the symbols Yin & Yang actually mean? You can't separate them because together they create balance. In this blog, we explain to you how it is.
March 07, 2023
Why is sustainable clothing more expensive | Sophie Stone

Why is sustainable clothing more expensive?

Why is sustainable clothing more expensive? This is mainly because of two things: the people who make the clothes get paid better (namely, a "living wage") and the clothing materials are of better quality.
March 07, 2023