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Maium - The Dutch raincoat brand.

Founded by two friends from Amsterdam who grew up cycling through the rain and saw that traditional rainwear lacked both style and functionality. Inspired by years of wet bike rides, they set themselves the goal of designing stylish raincoats that could adapt to unpredictable weather and a busy life. Since then, the jacket with side zippers has become a staple on the streets! 

MAIUM - Created by bad-weather experts

MAIUM is a product of its environment. With at least 130 rainy days a year and more than a third of the country below sea level, we've gained a reputation for coming up with innovative ways to keep ourselves dry. MAIUM's durable raincoats are made with that same thought: to help you protect yourself from the elements through innovation in design, functionality and material.

MAIUM's durable materials

MAIUM jackets are made from recycled polyester (PET bottles), among other materials, and keep you dry from head to toe. The plastic bottles used in MAIUM jackets are collected by waste collectors in Asia. 

More than 90% of the materials used in the jackets are made from sustainable sources. The brand uses a variety of recycled materials such as recycled polyester (RPET) and recycled nylon for fabrics, lining and tapes. To make the products completely waterproof, it is necessary to add a coating. Therefore, the brand chose to use a biodegradable polyurethane coating with bionic finish, which is one of the most sustainable options currently available. Bionic-Finish ECO is an ecological technology for making fabrics long-lasting water-repellent. None of the garments contain animal products and are therefore completely vegan. 

At MAIUM, they do what they do to support a movement: one in which mobility has become a necessity to function well while using resistant products that enable a sustainable lifestyle. Our movement is inseparable from sustainability and creates an environment where we must always think about how we treat our planet. 

MAIUM - online at Sophie Stone 

Shop MAIUM's bestselling raincoats online now at Sophie Stone. You'll instantly recognize these jackets by the zippers on the side for the unique poncho function, super handy for biking or riding (e) scooters. Under the zipper is an opening where you can put your hand through so you can put the whole poncho over your handlebars. This keeps you dry from head to toe!