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Girlfriend: sustainable sportswear for everyone

American brand Girlfriend stands for diversity in size, ethnicity and gender and this is reflected in their cool and authentic photography. In addition, environmental friendliness and transparency are important core values. The result is a collection of trendy, affordable and sustainable sportswear with the best fit for every type of figure. The focus of Girlfriend and Sophie Stone is on yoga, but of course the items can be worn during any sports activity. Or on your lazy Saturday ;-)

Waste becomes sustainable slow fashion

Did you know that almost all synthetic sportswear is made of plastic? Girlfriend sees opportunity in the huge surplus of plastic waste and makes her collections from recycled plastic from one of the largest landfills in the world, namely Taiwan, also known as "Garbage Island. An innovative recycling process results in beautiful, soft and BPA-free fabrics made from 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex. Fun fact: the Compressive High-Rise Legging consists of 25 water bottles and the Paloma BH / Topanga BH consists of 11 water bottles. Furthermore, the items are dyed with eco-friendly dyes and the waste water is filtered before being disposed of.

Fair production from Girlfriend Collective

In addition to Girlfriend consciously choosing to produce its sustainable fabrics in Taiwan, they also consciously choose to have their collections made in neighboring Vietnam. Quality is most important to Girlfriend, which is why their sportswear is made by one of the best sportswear manufacturers. The atelier is SA8000-certified and has safe, healthy work spaces and good working conditions for the employees. Because Girlfriend offers the best quality, you can enjoy your favorite sports leggings for an extra long time.

Washing advice 

Despite Girlfriend's efforts to produce a sustainable recycled fabric, the downside of recycled polyester remains that it releases microfibers during washing. But fortunately, there is a solution to that! We recommend putting your favorite Girlfriend items in a Guppy laundry bag that will catch the microfibers before it goes down the washing machine drain.

Girlfriend labels

 Guppy-friend laundry bag