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Veja: the sustainable sneaker brand

Sustainable sneaker brand Veja not only stands for a product with a beautiful design, but considers it of equal importance that it is also socially responsible made. Unlike other sneakers, Veja sneakers are produced in a fair and sustainable way in Brazil. In addition, they run super comfortably and the brand invests a lot of time in the design so they can put down a collection of timeless sneakers. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite Veja sneakers endlessly.

Fair production

Every step of the production process involves thinking about how to make it as sustainable as possible. Since all the materials needed for the Veja sneakers can be found in Brazil, the owners chose to carry out their production here. In addition, there are enough factories in Brazil that protect their workers, something that is very important for the sustainable sneaker brand.

Veja's durable materials

Veja is very transparent about the materials they use and exactly where they come from. The soles of the sustainable sneakers are made from rubber from the Amazon, the only place in the world where rubber grows wild. The rubber is purchased directly from local workers who receive a fair price for it. They also use recycled or organic cotton from Brazil.

Furthermore, Veja uses other innovative sustainable materials such as B-mesh. This fabric is made from recycled polyester and it takes about 3 plastic bottles to make a pair of Veja-12 or Veja Venturi . The fabric is lightweight, breathable and waterproof, providing high comfort.

Vegan sneakers

Veja also makes many beautiful vegan sneakers. At Sophie Stone you will find a number of vegan shoes, such as the Veja Nova. No animal materials such as leather are used in these models. After 5 years of research, Veja has finally found a good alternative to leather: a vegan and biologically produced material called C.W.L. This material is biodegradable and made of 50% corn waste and 50% polyurethane.

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