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The story of HAAN

The idea of Haan was born in 2018. Founders Eric and Hugo already had several companies but noticed something was missing. They wanted to start a brand that was going to be a real game changer. They immediately thought of the grooming industry, that way they could reach a lot of people with their beautiful message. Because basically everyone uses personal care products. The goal of Haan is to work with other companies to build a better future for the planet and humanity. They do this through beautiful products with natural ingredients, completely vegan & animal-free. In doing so, they take a "less is more" approach. With that, they want to create products with such a cool design, that customers would rather refill and reuse their packaging, than throw it away and buy a new one.  

Production & ingredients 

HAAN's fair manufacturing takes place in Barcelona, Spain. There, all products are sustainably developed, tested and then produced. HAAN uses only clean & natural ingredients. Also, their packaging is designed to be refillable and also recyclable. The material of the packaging is polypropylene plastic. This material is very strong so you are guaranteed to last a long time with your Haan product.

HAAN #waterislife

At Haan, they believe that you can give something good back to society. Under the motto "Water is Life," HAAN wants to raise awareness of the water crisis in Africa and help solve it. 20% of profits are spent on creating wells in Malawi and Kenya. 1 bottle of 30 ml thus provides 134 liters of clean drinking water in Africa. With access to clean water, not only health goes up but also school participation (girls no longer have to walk hours to fetch water and can attend school during that time) and economic activity of the people who live there. They believe that everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and hygiene. HAAN has already achieved wonderful things with this initiative. For example, they have set up 12 wells, provided 7.1 million liters of water and have been able to help 2,444 people.