What is fair fashion? 

Fair fashion is fashion made under good working conditions and from sustainable materials. Through its production process, this fashion is less harmful to the environment and leads to an increase in the living standards of the people who make the clothes. Other names for fair fashion are: honest, responsible, green clothing or eco fashion. In English, the terms ethical fashion, conscious fashion and sustainable fashion are widely used.

Fair Fashion

Fair Fashion is better for the people who produce these clothes than regular fashion because, among other things: they receive a reasonable salary, work under safe conditions and there is no child labour.

The Fair Wear Foundation has named eight conditions that Fair Wear clothing must meet. Brands can join the Fair Wear Foundation, after it has verified in various ways that they meet the set conditions. ARMEDNANGELS is a brand from the Sophie Stone collection that is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. The People Tree and ARMEDANGELS brands in our collection carry the Fair Trade label. There is also the extensive GOTS label for organic materials, which includes good working conditions as one of its conditions. The GOTS label is used by almost all of Sophie Stone's brands. You can read an explanation of the most important labels on the labels page.


Fair Fashion is better for the environment and the people who work the land by using, among other things: more sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton (no use of chemical pesticides), bamboo (no pesticides/little irrigation needed) andTencel/Lycocell.

There are several certifications for the mentioned raw materials. One of the best known is the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate for organic cotton and other organically grown fibers used as raw materials for textiles.

In addition, Fair Fashion brands use recycling (e.g. old PET bottles as the basis for jeans), limit/compensate CO2 emissions from their factories, use eco-friendly dyes, prevent animal suffering and use alternative energy such as solar and wind power.

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