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There's nothing like a nice, warm sweater or a comfy sweater or cardigan when it gets a little chilly. We want to help you warm and comfortable through the winter with beautiful sweaters for women from slow fashion brands like Thinking Mu, Armedangels, Lanius and Jan 'n June. On this page you will find the latest collections of our sustainable clothing brands for women. 

Sweaters made of natural materials

Our sweaters are lovingly made from soft organic cotton, warm Alpaca, Mohair or Merino wool. We list for each garment whether it is made from organic wool or eco wool. Almost every type of sheep hair is represented at Sophie Stone. While wearing wool, pilling can occur. Pilling of a wool sweater or cardigan is not a sign of poor quality but a natural process. Use a pill device to gently remove unwanted lint.

For those who can't stand the tickle of wool or want a vegan option, there are also plenty of sustainable sweaters from the plant-based material cotton or lyocell to choose from. Check out the perfect organic basics from sustainable clothing brand Armedangels or Jan 'n June.

Sustainable pullovers and sustainable cardigans are made of, for example, organic cotton and/or organic wool. So you stay nice and warm in the winter and you look tip top!