Sophisticated Fair Fashion 

Sophie Stone offers Sophisticated Fair Fashion: fashion, accessories and beauty from emerging sustainable brands with an urban, colorful and stylish look. You will find unique fashion items from Fair Fashion brands from London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Barcelona, among others. All items are produced under good working conditions and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The team

Anna Sophie Esther
Head of Fashion Chief Operations Officer
At Sophie Stone, I am mainly concerned with the fashion collections, the technical side of the web shop and graphic design. As Head of Operations, I focus on the day-to-day business, purchasing the 'never out of stock' collections, stock levels and finances.


Are you in our store in Utrecht? Then these heroes will be waiting for you:

Elske | Sophie Stone

Jipke | Sophie Stone Nienke | Sophie Stone Lytse | Sophie Stone
Elske Jipke Nienke Lytse
Shopping Hero
Shopping Hero
Shopping Hero
Shopping Hero 


These two ladies are currently interning with us:

Pleun | Sophie Stone

Wieke | Sophie Stone
Pleun Wieke
Graduation intern  Retail intern




One day in 2014, I, Anna Sophie, was thinking about organic food and how it was becoming increasingly popular to go for a 'better' choice. The same should be true for fashion, especially given all the abuses in the clothing industry. I started an online search for beautiful fair fashion, but rarely found fashion items that made me fall in love with them. There must be another way, I thought; the idea for Sophie Stone was born! 1 evening course Fashion & Textile, 3 fashion fairs, 1 business plan and 1 letter of resignation to my former employer later, I started Sophie Stone.
On 29 February 2016, the webshop went live! In the years that followed, I participated in all kinds of markets, festivals and other pop-up events and the number of orders per week kept growing. The collection got bigger, new brands were added and the webshop was optimised.
In January 2020, it was time for us to have our own office, with warehouse and showroom on the Europalaan in Utrecht. Also, Esther and I (we are former colleagues who became friends), saw each other for the first time after Esther's trip around the world. We decided to join forces, expand our range and make shopping at Sophie Stone as comfortable as shopping at the big online fashion giants. But with a much better feeling. That's us, 2 former colleagues and friends with a shared dream:
a fair and clean fashion industry.



Fair + Sustainable + Unique
Sophie Stone has become a well-known name in the online Fair Fashion world with a current offering of > 40 sustainable brands. We offer fashion, accessories and beauty products for everyone who wants to make a more sustainable choice. With us you will find beautiful items of high quality, made from sustainable materials and for a fair price. Our customers, spread throughout the Netherlands and surrounding countries, rate us with a 4.9 out of 5 stars.
The fashion you find at Sophie Stone is made in a good way. This means that the people who make the clothes work under good conditions. This means that they receive a reasonable salary, work in safe conditions and that there is no child labour. This is guaranteed by a Fair Trade- or Fair Wear Seal of Approval and/or the GOTS-certificate. Each fashion item in the Sophie Stone collection is accompanied by a description of where and what it is made of, as well as the labels it carries.
Sophie Stone's fashion items are produced with the least possible impact on the environment. More environmentally friendly fabrics (than conventional cotton) are used, such as certified organic cotton, lyocell or tencel. These are plant-based materials produced without pesticides or insecticides, using environmentally-friendly dyes and as little water as possible. On the page Materials we tell you about the different fabrics that are used for Sophie Stone clothing and what the environmental friendliness of each fabric is.
The brands offered by Sophie Stone are carefully selected and have a feminine, stylish and urban look. The fashion collection is executed in special colours and prints and made of high quality materials. They are emerging fair fashion brands that are sold on a small scale in the Netherlands, or Sophie Stone is even the first supplier in the Netherlands. The brands do everything they can to have a positive impact on people and the environment. If you want to know more about the background of the fashion items, you can visit brands section for information about Sophie Stone's brands.
Sophie Stone store


On October 1, 2022, our new Sophie Stone store opened at Steenweg in Utrecht! Here you can see, feel and try on all fashion items, accessories, shoes, coats, bags, swimwear, lingerie and beauty products.
There is also a special men's department and workshops can be given in the space in the back.
We'll be happy to make you a nice (oat) cappuccino and tell you all about our brands, materials and new styles. Will we see you in the store soon? 
 Read all about the store and opening hours here.
Sustainable fashion store Utrecht | Sophie Stone