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Mud jeans
Sara High Loose Natural
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Mud jeans
Sara High Loose Stone Vintage
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Enijaa cropped blue white
W25-L32 W26-L32 W27-L32 W28-L32 W29-L32 W30-L32 W31-L32

The Sophie Stone selection of sustainable and fair trade clothing brands

Sustainable clothing that is fairly produced shop online at Sophie Stone. Without having to compromise on style. For Sophie Stone, the most important thing is that all people participating in the production process receive a living wage and work under good working conditions. This sounds obvious but unfortunately is not always so. In addition, Sophie Stone finds it important that sustainable fashion brands produce consciously with minimal impact on the environment.

The sustainable clothing brands in the Sophie Stone webshop & store

The clothing brands you will find at Sophie Stone design high-quality garments that you will enjoy wearing season after season. These garments are essential to every woman's closet. It probably feels doubly nice when your new acquisition is durable and made with love. At Sophie Stone you will also find many great basics with the perfect fit every season. We also call these garments "wardrobe essentials

Why does Sophiie Stone think sustainable clothing and fashion is important?

The reason Sophie Stone considers sustainable clothing so important is that the production of clothing(fast fashion) leads to undesirable effects on people and the environment. These include poor working conditions, such as working long hours in unhealthy, unsafe factories for extremely low wages. Other examples include child labor, use of chemical pesticides to grow large quantities of cotton, CO2 emissions and the heavy consumption of water and energy during production. In short, the fashion industry has become one of the most polluting industries in recent years. Sustainable fashion, also called slow fashion or fair fashion, is a counter-movement to this current fast fashion. Sophie Stone's sustainable women's clothing is not based on time but on quality. By paying the true cost of a garment, we not only respect the people who have lovingly worked on our new items, but we also respect the environment. Buying clothes should not be impulsive, but a conscious decision about the style, material and quality of an honest product.

Ordering sustainable women's clothing online

By shopping for sustainable clothing online at Sophie Stone, you can be assured of quality fashion items that will ensure long-lasting wear. Try a sustainable sweater and save gallons of water with this purchase. Per fashion season, you can make your closet more sustainable. All revolutions started small and awareness of this "fashion revolution" is step one. So remember that changing your wardrobe from fast to slow is a process. This can take years. At least with me it did. 

When is clothing and fashion sustainable?

When an item of clothing is sustainable is different for everyone. Because there are many points you can look out for. Some of these are fair or eco-friendly production, vegan clothing so that no animal materials are used or that it is made from recycled resources. For Sophie Stone, sustainable clothing is fashion that is always made in a fair way without burdening the environment too much. In addition, we like clothes made from as many natural materials as possible. However, sometimes clothing retains its shape more when synthetic materials are added. And for Sophie Stone, sustainability means that products last and stay beautiful.