The story of Bufandy

Bufandy is a Dutch brand combining the craft of a hand-woven scarf with minimalist and modern design. As a former tour guide, the owner of Bufandy, Dorien Straathof, regularly visited the Andes Mountains. Here she met talented artisans and discovered the beautiful and extremely soft material alpaca wool. Through her interest in craft and culture, the Bufandy brand was created, working closely between Peruvian alpaca farming, Ecuadorian craftsmanship and Dutch design. For the collections Bufandy uses only high quality materials and they choose good craftsmanship to develop sustainable products that everyone can be proud of, both producer and user.

Scarves made of soft alpaca wool

Bufandy scarves are made from alpaca wool. Alpacas produce fibers that are not only incredibly soft to the touch, but the fiber is exceptionally warm and has a good insulating quality. Perfect for surviving the harsh high-altitude climate of the Andes Mountains in Peru, home of the alpaca. Scarves from Bufandy consist of 80% of this high-quality wool. Alpaca wool insulates against both cold and heat, allowing you to wear the scarves year-round. With your winter coat, as a blanket on the couch or as a wrap during summer evenings. In addition, alpaca wool is also water-repellent, which makes the scarf dry in no time after a shower.

No chemical or mechanical processes are used in spinning the alpaca yarns. In addition, alpaca wool has very strong fibers that make the scarves last a very long time. This guarantees years of enjoyment from your favorite Bufandy scarf!

Fair trade production

Bufandy's alpaca scarves are produced fairly in local weaving mills in northern Ecuador. Thanks to the long and personal relationship with its partners, Bufandy is assured of the best quality, made under fair conditions for both the makers and the alpacas. While centuries-old traditions are preserved, the link is made with timeless design.  

Bufandy scarves are woven by hand. After the fabric is woven, the fabrics are cut to size and worked by dried thistles tied together. With this, the scarves are brushed to give them a natural look. Finally, the scarf is lightly ironed, giving the fabric a beautiful glass. Because the Bufandy scarves are produced in a fair trade way, when you buy an alpaca scarf you are also supporting the families from the weaving factory and keeping the craft of weaving alive.

Taking care of your Bufandy scarf

To enjoy your wonderfully soft Bufandy scarf for as long as possible, it's good to know the best way to care for her. This starts with washing her as little as possible! In this blog you'll read how best to wash her when you really need to.