How do you care for your winter coats? When you invest in a good winter coat, you want it to last for seasons. Therefore, it is important that you handle your winter coat carefully and take good care of it. Postpone washing in a washing machine as long as possible. This is because there are some risks associated with this. We will come back to this later.

Winter coat washing

It's best to air a winter coat outdoors occasionally. Or hang your winter coat in the bathroom when you shower. The steam will draw odors out of the coat. If your coat gets dirty, we recommend scrubbing stains locally. For example, with Marseille soap, this is available at various drugstores or Dille & Kamille. But be careful with this, don't scrub too hard as it might cause a sallow spot.

Do neither of these work or would you still like to wash your winter coat after a season of wear? Then this is possible in the washing machine. For this, it is important that you do this in the right way. A winter coat often contains down as filling. For example, the winter coats from Embassy or Bricks and Logs have vegan down made from recycled material. To keep the down in its original state, you must wash and dry a winter coat carefully. When down gets wet it starts to stick together and clumps form if you don't dry it properly. Therefore, a comprehensive roadmap to washing your winter coat the right way:

  1. Make sure the coat has enough room in the washing drum to move around. The washing machine should not be too full or too small. Do you have a small washing machine? Then choose a large washing machine at a laundromat. This first step is very important.
  2. The jacket may be washed at 30 degrees maximum. Make sure to choose "soft" or "delicate" program. Furthermore, make sure that all zippers of the coat are closed. Otherwise, the sharp edges of the zipper may damage the fabric of the jacket.
  3. Select "spin" at 600 to 800 rpm and for up to 10 minutes.
  4. We recommend you add a few tennis balls. The tennis balls help keep the jacket's padding moving. Then dry the jacket in the dryer for 40 to 60 minutes.
  5. Take your coat out of the dryer 2 to 4 times during this drying process. Turn the jacket inside out once, shake it out once and pat the compartments with your flat hand. This is all to prevent the padding from clumping together.

Don't have a dryer? Then it is also possible to air dry your winter coat. Choose to let your winter coat dry lying down, close to a warm heater. So that your winter coat dries as quickly as possible. Very important here is to shake out the jacket every 15 or 30 minutes so that no clumps of down form in the lining. Turn the coat inside out once, shake it out once and pat the compartments with your flat hand.

- Anna Sophie Slingerland