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Ecoalf is a 100% vegan Spanish brand that is hugely committed to protecting our planet. Their slogan #BECAUSETHEREISNOPLANETB is reflected in everything they do. Much of their clothing, shoes and bags are made from recycled PET bottles and fishing nets. They have already recycled 200 million plastic bottles and upcycled 600 tonnes of waste from the bottom of the ocean. 

Ecoalf online at Sophie Stone

Ecoalf is living proof that creating a truly sustainable fashion brand is possible without compromising on style. The brand was founded in 2009 by Javier Goyeneche who could no longer stand to see fashion brands dealing recklessly with precious resources. And so was born the Spanish label Ecoalf and the quote; 'Because there is no planet B'. By working for a beautiful world now, the generations after us can also enjoy the earth. Besides the fashion brand, Ecoalf also has a wonderful foundation; a non-profit organization dedicated to various projects in the field of recycling. But also to develop and apply new scientific and technological knowledge in collaboration with other companies.

Ecoalf responsible clothing production

To ensure that Ecoalf's suppliers share the values and commitment to human rights with the brand, all suppliers agree to the Ecoalf Sustainable Commitment. Furthermore, all suppliers are certified and third-party verified by: BSCI, SA8000 and SMETA. 

Ecoalf's sustainable materials

You probably don't think about it often, but every piece of clothing you wear has a (negative) impact on the environment. Large amounts of water are consumed in the production of cotton and crude oil is needed to make polyester. Ecoalf has searched for a sustainable solution with the least negative impact on our earth: recycling. The clothes are mainly made from recycled polyester, cotton and wool. This way, unlike non-recycled materials, Ecoalf has saved 14 trillion water so far. This green clothing brand uses the most innovative recycling technologies to turn waste into luxury items. The uniqueness of Ecoalf is that they are able to turn coffee waste and old car tires into new yarns. Each item is made to last in an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Clothing of durable quality

Ecoalf proves that clothing production can also be sustainable. Just like Sophie Stone, would you rather have a few high-quality items in your wardrobe than an overflowing closet full of clothes that start pilling after just a few uses? Then choose your favorite must-haves from Ecoalf's collection and you can enjoy them for years to come. Thanks to the timeless look and premium quality.

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