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Pleased with your vision and beautiful collection. I am also happy with the beautiful product I received, carefully wrapped. Keep up the good work!
— Susan
Wonderful online shop where I can buy with confidence.
Beautiful products, honestly made. Absolutely right!
- Anna
What a discovery! Sophie Stone is a pleasant web shop. Everything is well-organised and clearly described. Moreover, it is delivered quickly!
- Annemieke
Good concept; the webshop has a large selection and it is nice to know that everything is sustainable. The ordering process was very easy & the service super.
- Esther
Nice clothes at Sophie Stone, nice prints, smooth models. And good service, fast delivery and handling of returned items. It is great that they use reusable packaging, made from recycled materials of course. Congratulations!
- Karien
What a nice webshop with really sustainable producers!
- Fedde
Super fine clothes, what a nice feeling to wear something that doesn't weigh too much in the world. And they have very nice people working there, which makes coming to try them on feel like a cosy visit in a living room!
- Bernadette
Beautiful durable items. I have already ordered here several times and I am very satisfied with this webshop and the quality of the brands they sell!
- Judith
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Nieuwe mannen wintercollectie

Heb je onze nieuwe mannencollectie al gezien? Niet alleen shop je nu duurzame jassen, sweaters en hoodies bij Sophie Stone maar ook chino's, jeans, schoenen, overhemden en care producten voor mannen. Een behoorlijke uitbreiding van onze collectie dus!

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