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Vegan Clothing | Sophie Stone

If you have a vegan lifestyle, you're sure to have a good time at Sophie Stone. Most of the clothes are vegan and if this is the case, you will see 'Vegan: yes' on the item detail page.

In addition, you canmake a selection of all vegan articles by filtering within a certain category (heading 'Material & Criteria') on vegan. On desktop or laptop, the filter options are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen; on mobile, they are displayed at the top.



JLABEL Mansi blouse | Sophie Stone      


What is vegan fashion?

Because what is vegan fashion? It is clothing, accessories and shoes that are made without the use of animals (during the production process). For example, vegan fashion does not contain leather, silk (because it is made from the spinning of the silkworm) or mother-of-pearl buttons (made from shells). 

Mairaa mom jeans earth vegan


Vegan materials

Materials that are often used in our vegan clothing items include organic cotton, Ecovero (viscose) and Tencel. We also use hemp, bamboo and recycled polyester.

ARMEDANGELS Japanese jumper | Sophie Stone

Jaapandi jumper pink


Buttons and patches

In addition, the buttons are made from (recycled) plastic or bamboo, the patch on a pair of jeans is made from a vegan alternative to leather and, instead of wool, a thick jumper, for example, is made from a mix of cotton with Tencel, polyamide or recycled PET bottles. 

Vegan patch | Sophie Stone

Vegan jeans from Kings of Indigo


Vegan alternative to wool

Wool is the most common non-vegan material used for clothing. For a really warm winter jumper, wool is a nice material. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan alternatives, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester, that are vegan and don't itch. You can find these together in our 'jumpers without itch'collection .


 Ladaa jumper pink | Sophie Stone

Ladaa kinoko