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NEW OPTIMIST. Spread Your Optimism. Wear it. 

The start of a new and optimistic fashion era! Bold, New and Optimistic. Created with a unique human touch.

Xander Slager, founder of the brand says: "Our goal is to create systemic change in the fashion industry. New Optimist stands for local (made in Amsterdam), social (diversity in all areas) & circular (deposit, recycling). 'And this is desperately needed, he knows. Too many clothes are made that are not sold and are themselves thrown away. The system is buckling.' Xander lived and worked in Asia for 18 years, he has seen how not to do it and what the fashion industry brings about. And that's why he started his own clothing factory, just in Amsterdam. 

Durable materials, durable denim 

NEW OPTIMIST mainly uses the material organic cotton. Both for sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans. They produce only small quantities, designed for reuse. All items are handmade and assembled in Amsterdam. Also, all products have a lifetime repair warranty. 

Change is here

With every item you buy, you help the brand change the fashion industry. Together, we are creating a new era. And together we are bringing the joy of making clothes back to a local business. NEW OPTIMIST is poised to transform the entire industry into a healthy, fair industry. 

Deposit money keeps your clothes alive

Right now (August 2023), the brand is launching its new deposit program. How exactly does that work? You love fashion but you don't want to contribute to the huge problem of textile waste. That's why New Optimist is introducing deposits on clothing this winter season. They are doing this by cleverly using QR codes in the clothes and blockchain technology. This platform was developed a collaboration with Candour Digital. This allows us to collect your New Optimist garment itself when you no longer use it. As a result, New Optimist guarantees that your garment will eventually be recycled or given a second life. NO WASTE! With a garment with a deposit, the fashion circle becomes 100% circular. Through the QR code, you can follow the entire life cycle of the garment all the way to recycling. Show everyone that clothes don't have to end up as waste. Not currently available at Sophie Stone but keep an eye on our site! 

NO circularity without you!

Workshops at NEW OPTIMIST

The brand also regularly organizes fun workshops in their workshop in Amsterdam. Think for example of a workshop 'dyeing clothes' or a workshop where you design and make your own bag.