Discover Studio Earlobe by Sophie Stone: Handmade Statement Earrings from Polymer Clay

Welcome to Sophie Stone, the sustainable fashion webshop dedicated to unique and eco-friendly fashion accessories. We are proud to introduce our new brand: Studio Oorlel. Studio Oorlel is known for its beautiful, handmade statement earrings made of polymer clay. Each pair of earrings is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, assuring you an original piece of jewelry that will complete your outfit.

What makes Studio Oorlel special?

Handmade and Unique
Studio Earrings are all handmade, which means no two pairs are exactly alike. This unique method ensures that you will always wear something special. Perfect for those who love original and personalized accessories.

Polymer Clay
Studio Oorlel's earrings are made from polymer clay, a versatile and durable material. Polymer clay offers countless creative possibilities, making Studio Oorlel's designs always surprising and innovative.

Small Runs
At Studio Oorlel, it's all about exclusivity. The earrings are made in small editions, so you wear a piece of jewelry that few have. This makes the earrings not only special, but also sustainable because there is less waste.

Sustainability at Sophie Stone
Sophie Stone stands for sustainability and fair production. By offering brands such as Studio Oorlel, we support small artisans and sustainable production processes. This fits perfectly with our mission to offer fashion that is both stylish and environmentally conscious.

Shop Studio Earlobe at Sophie Stone

Are you looking for a statement accessory that is not only beautiful, but also made with care for people and the environment? Then take a look at our collection of Studio Earring earrings. Each pair is a work of art in itself, ideal for expressing your personal style.

Visit Sophie Stone today and discover Studio Oorlel's unique earrings. Add a touch of originality and durability to your jewelry collection.