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Sustainable yoga and sportswear shopping at Sophie Stone

We understand that you take your ideals of sustainability with you when you work out, too. That's why we've made a selection of the finest responsible sports outfits. From sustainable running clothes and sweatpants made from organic cotton, to eco-friendly yoga leggings made from recycled materials; there is no shortage of ecological sportswear. 

Eco-friendly sports outfits

We would love to help you get an eco-friendly sports outfit that you feel good in. For example, choose a sustainable sports bra, to feel comfortable in during your workout. Also our sport socks are also comfortable to wear while working out. They are available in different colors and made of organic cotton, which has a moisture-regulating effect. This is ideal during exercise. Add a durable pair of sweatpants and comfortable sweater and you are ready for action!


Durable yoga leggings

Whether you use our eco-friendly yoga leggings and sportswear for working out, or relaxing in; with the comfortable sports leggings from our sustainable sportswear brands, you're always in the right place. For example, yoga clothing from ARMEDANGELS made of organic cotton. This makes the garments soft and comfortable, making them a fine addition to your yoga class. Want a slightly firmer option? Then we recommend our beautiful yoga leggings from Lanius on. These leggings are made of ECONYL, which consists of recycled materials. Girlfriend Collective brand leggings are also made of recycled materials, making them an asset to your conscious sports wardrobe.