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Swedish Stockings is the only brand that makes tights from recycled yarn. With roots in Sweden and production in Italy, this brand has conquered almost all of Europe. Is your size or favourite variant no longer available? Please mail us. Then we can order it and it will be delivered within a week (!  

Sustainable tights from Swedish Stockings

Founders of Swedish Stockings Linn Frisinger and Nadia Forsverg believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally friendly products and saw opportunities for more sustainable tights and socks. In fact, two billion tights are produced every year, which often break down after a few wearings and are thrown away. A shame, because the nylon yarn used to make traditional tights goes through a very environmentally damaging production process. Swedish Stockings designs innovative sustainable tights made of high quality and recycled materials. This allows you to enjoy your favorite tights for an extra long time.

High quality recycled nylon

Swedish Stockings uses recycled nylon fibers derived from residuals of various nylon products. Nylon is not biodegradable, so recycling is a good and sustainable alternative. The recycling process is energy efficient, low in water consumption and has already recycled thousands of tights. In addition, the tights are of very high quality so your new tights will not be broken after only a few wearings.

Zero-waste production

Swedish Stockings' sustainable tights are made in a zero-waste factory in Italy. Only environmentally friendly dyes, water purification plants and renewable energy sources such as solar energy are used here. So you can be sure that your tights have been produced in a sustainable way.

Tips to keep your Swedish Stockings tights looking great longer:
  • Choose the right size
  • Stretch the tights carefully before putting them on
  • Gently pull on the tights from bottom to top
  • Wash your tights after 5-6 wears on a fine 30°C wash cycle
  • Avoid fabric softeners