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Jan 'n June believes in sustainable fashion, Greta & recycling. #byebyefastfashion 

Jan 'n June: sustainable clothing with style

The sustainable clothing brand Jan 'n June was founded in 2013 by Jula and Anna, two passionate fashion lovers with a mission. They were looking for sustainable fashion that was stylish AND affordable, but couldn't find it. The result is a trendy fashion brand with recurring minimalist and modern styles that deliver as little damage to the environment as possible. Although new sustainable brands have emerged in recent years, Jan 'n June is still one of the best fashion brands creating collections that are trendy, fair, affordable and sustainable.

Jan 'n June's durable materials

Jan 'n June uses mostly renewable and recycled fabrics for its collections. The most sustainable fabrics used by Jan 'n June are Lenzing Ecovero™ and Tencel™, both made from wood chips which provides 50% lower emissions, lower consumption of fossil energy and lower water impact. You also see a lot of organic cotton, organic linen, recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Most of the fabrics are GOTS-certified and all recycled fabrics have a GRS certificate, which ensures that the recycling process is done in a fair and environmentally friendly way.

Fair production close to home

Jan 'n June's collections are produced honestly in factories and family workshops in Poland and Portugal. They have deliberately chosen to keep the production close by, so that they can maintain good cooperation, visit the factories regularly and keep an eye on what is going on. As a result, you can be sure that your favorite Jan 'n June garment is fairly produced.

Sustainability: more than just clothes

In addition to producing fair and sustainable fashion, Jan 'n June also focuses on sustainable business practices. One example of this is that the clothes coming out of the factory are not wrapped in plastic, but in sustainable pergamine bags made from pulp. These are reused when returned. In addition, transparency is very important to Jan 'n June and each item has a QR code that allows you to trace every step in the production chain.

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