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Parafina is an eco-friendly sunglasses brand. Every year around the world 300 million tons of waste are thrown away. 85% of this mountain of waste is not recycled but buried, burned or thrown into the sea. Parafina combats this mountain of waste by collecting all that is usable and transforming it into sunglasses. 

Dhe Parafina sunglasses are made from a variety of different sustainable materials. These can be recycled materials or even natural materials. For example, the Ladera coffee sunglasses are made from coffee grounds! In addition, Parafina is B-corp, ISO, Fair Trade and ECO product certified. 

Currently, Parafina uses the following materials:

Terephthalate: (r-PET) in the Eco-Silicone collection. Derived from regular consumer plastic.

High Density Polyethylene: known as HDPE, can be found in bamboo and rubber sunglasses. These are waste products like empty shampoo and detergent bottles.

Aluminum: in the Eco Aluminum collection. All the aluminum in these glasses comes from regular waste from (soft drink) cans. 

Cork: in the cork collection. This product comes from stoppers and single use cork material.

Rubber:the rubber comes from the world's largest tire dump in Kuwait. The rubber in these glasses is from old cars, trucks and airplane tires.

Bio-Acetate: is blended with bio-based excipients. These are made from renewable resources instead of oil-based raw materials. This also involves sustainable waste management.