Today in the brand of the week; Food for Skin. A natural skin care brand.

About Food for skin

Food for skin is a cosmetics brand that focuses on the most natural products possible. They use the most potent and nourishing ingredients from nature such as vegetables, plants and seeds. Food for skin considers honest communication without false promises very important.

Food for skin


The mission of Food for skin

Food for skin makes effective products that have as little impact on the earth as possible. To do so, they use the most potent and nourishing ingredients from nature. In this way, they want to make the beauty industry a little more beautiful.

The company's mission goes beyond skin care. They also contribute to the development of more ingredients obtained from local waste streams, or upcycling. They invest a lot of time in education and partner with The Plastic Soup foundation to combat the use of microplastics.

Food for skin tomato base cream

Why choose Food for skin

Food for skin has won an award with their facial care products. The products contain 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for every age, gender, skin tone and condition. They use no fillers in their products, so almost every ingredient is an active ingredient. With the most natural ingredients, they make the best creams and serums without perfumes, parabens, water, bad alcohols and microplastics. As a result, you get pure, highly concentrated and effective skin care.

Food for skin age
Food for Skin at Sophie Stone

At Sophie Stone, we have several products from this brand. For example, we have the carrot cleanser to take off your makeup. To nourish your skin afterwards, we have the avocado serum, pumpkin serum and cucumber serum. To complete your routine, use the tomato base cream as your day and night cream. If you suffer from dry lips, we also have the lip balm from Food for Skin.

Want to test out these fine products first? Then we also have small sample sets. You can choose from: avocado sample set, pumpkin sample set and cucumber sample set.

- Anouk Brewer