Hi, nice of you to read our new blog. In connection with autumn that has really started now, today we are talking about fingerless gloves.

The history of fingerless gloves

In the 1980s, fingerless gloves became a fashion statement. Icons like Madonna and Billy Idol appeared with it making it popular with many others.

In the 19th century, you saw lace gloves without fingers. These gloves were very popular in those days. They were paired by ladies with a dress for evening or daytime wear.

The purpose of fingerless gloves

The purpose of fingerless gloves is to keep your hands warm. Your palms and wrists are covered so this still keeps your hands nice and warm. The advantage of fingerless gloves is that it does not restrict your mobility. You can still get on your phone or drive a car, for example, just fine without losing your grip. Especially in outdoor activities it is a plus because you have enough finger freedom.

How to style the fingerless glove

These are the perfect gloves in the transitional season. They offer protection and warmth against the slightly lower temperatures but you keep your freedom of movement and ventilation. Fingerless gloves come in all shapes and sizes. You have them purely for decoration like lace gloves but also in a functional form to keep your hands warm. A fingerless glove can add a "grunge" touch to your look.

Durable fingerless gloves at Sophie Stone

At Sophie Stone we have a diverse selection of gloves including two pairs of fingerless gloves. A wonderfully soft, slightly thicker knitted fingerless glove by the brand Ecoalf. This one is multifunctional because you can also turn it into a pair of mittens by closing the flap. So you can easily switch between the two and one pair of gloves is all you need. We also have a variant made of recycled cashmere and wool by the brand RIFO.


- Anna Sophie Slingerland