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Timeless coats from LangerChen

LangerChen combines the latest jacket trends with functionality. This brand is the only brand in the world that makes sustainable coats and jackets that are wind- and waterproof as well as breathable. The fashionable simplicity of this label makes the jacket timeless and special. The jackets of LangerChen are made of ecological materials such as Techno Boiled Wool, which is a blend of eco-wool and organic cotton. LangerChen has the Global Organic Texile Standard.

Founded in 2009

LangerChen is a German brand that designs stylish, durable and innovative jackets. The brand was founded in 2009 by Philipp Langer and Miranda Chen and based in Munich. Their passion for fashion and expertise in fabric making is the common thread by which the pair founded LangerChen. LangerChen is convinced that the most important contribution to sustainability is conscious consumerism. Therefore, they believe it is important to produce high quality jackets that will last and be enjoyed for a long time. In addition, it is important that the jackets have a timeless style that does not go out of style easily.

Sustainable materials

At Sophie Stone, we think it is very cool that LangerChen makes its own sustainable fabrics, something very unique for a clothing brand. At the LangerChen factory, they spin yarn, knit, weave and dye the fabrics. The brand uses only high-quality, eco-friendly and certified fabrics for its collections, such as GOTS certified organic cotton and organic linen. They also use the sustainable fiber Lyocell (Tencel®), recycled polyester and organic wool.

To ensure that the jackets are light but at the same time warm, windproof and waterproof, LangerChen uses innovative techniques. For example, for water repellency, they use the fluorine-free Bionic Finish®-Eco, which is highly functional and environmentally friendly.

Own production

LangerChen's coats are produced in a fair and responsible way in a factory in China, called Jiecco, founded by LangerChen. With this, LangerChen shows that "Made in China" has nothing to do with mass production or poor working conditions. They have deliberately chosen to set up an eco-friendly and fair textile production facility in China, as this is where they specialize in making high-quality outerwear. The small factory employs about 100 people who are paid fair wages and work under good working conditions. In addition, the factory is GOTS-certified. At Sophie Stone, we think it's important that we can guarantee that your favorite LangerChen jacket has been produced in a fair way.

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