What is Lyocell/Tencel?

The Sophie Stone collection features lyocell. Lyocell is a very sustainable material, made of cellulose from wood chips. It is therefore a natural fibre. The wood chips come from eucalyptus or beech trees from special forests characterised by 'sustainable forest management'. The production of the material itself takes place in a closed loop system: the water and non-toxic solvents are reused and energy is used sparingly. This makes the material environmentally friendly and sustainable. Lyocell is also known as Tencel, the registered trademark of the manufacturer Lenzing that it European Ecolabel carries.

Lyocell Tencel | Sophie Stone 

Lyocell properties

Lyocell is characterised by its beautifully subtle, silk-like shine. In addition to its durability, the fabric has a number of other positive characteristics: it feels wonderfully soft and supple, is skin-friendly (due to its naturalness), is very strong and absorbs water even better than cotton. It is also easy to wash and iron and is fully biodegradable. 


Lycocell waxes

Lyocell clothing can be washed in the washing machine, generally on programmes for delicate/delicate wash up to 30 degrees. When Lyocell is woven (recognizable by its low stretch) and has a dark colour, it can be sensitive to heavy-duty washing programmes or detergents. In this case, wash with a delicate detergent on a wool programme or by hand.

Just to be sure, check the label of the garment before washing: it may be mixed with another fabric or have accessories, which will change the washing instructions compared to a 100% Lyocell garment.