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The story behind the phone cords from House Of Useless

House of Useless was founded in 2018 by Yasmina Ajbilou. She has had a passion for fashion since childhood. Yasmina's mother was a home seamstress and she sewed clothes for Ysmina and her sister. Yasmina was fascinated by what her mother could make behind the sewing machine and later learned to make her own garments. It was therefore abundantly clear that she wanted to study something with fashion. Yasmina studied Fashion & Design at the HKU. After her studies, Yasmina was allowed to participate in Amsterdam Fashion Week three times. In order to participate she had to start her own company, and within a month she started her label and designed her own collection. After these experiences, Yasmina decided to make her clothes accessible to everyone. Thus was born just Dutch brand House Of Useless.

Durable handmade telephone cords

All cords from House Of Useless are made by hand. This ensures that each item is unique. Each cord contains a beautiful floral silk embroidery that is handmade in Jaipur, India. The embroidered cords are then further assembled with love by Yasmina and her team. This is all done in her workshop in Utrecht. The back of the cords are made from residual or raw materials such as raw cotton. As a result, as little as possible has been done to the fabric and as little damage is done as possible. The cords can not only be used for your phone, but can also be attached to cameras and bags through the convenient hooks. The cords are ideal for taking your phone everywhere you go without your pocket being full or having to take a bag with you. Super handy for work, on vacation or at a festival. The cords are real eye-catchers and therefore an accessory in themselves. We at Sophie Stone are huge fans!

Made to order

All House Of Useless items are made as soon as they are ordered. This way, only what is actually sold is made and there is no overproduction. At Sophie Stone we picked out a nice selection of fabrics for the phone cords. Which are then hand processed into phone cords especially for us. So you can order the handmade items from us right away and you don't have to wait. How nice is that!