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Alohas: founded in sunny Hawaii and now known worldwide

In 2015, Alejandro Porras was inspired by the locals in Hawaii. They all responded very enthusiastically to his Avarcas sandals that he often wore. A special type of sandal from Menorca, Spain known for its simplicity and ease of use. He saw a market in this and decided to do business in Hawaii. Together with his team, he put a spin on the traditional Espadrille, and it worked out well. Several years later, Alohas has been able to expand their collection considerably. From summer sandals and flip-flops to winter platform boots and chic booties. All with the goal of encouraging others to dare to combine durable and stylish.

Production on demand

Overproduction in the fashion industry is one of the biggest problems. At Alohas they do not cooperate with this problem and choose a completely different method. Namely, they work with a pre-order system. This way they know exactly how many pairs of shoes need to be made. The brand produces only what sells and therefore never too many. All the Alohas items you see in the Sophie Stone webshop we have purchased through the pre-order system. Every month the brand launches new models and we can place a pre-order. This way, we also do our part to fight overproduction in the clothing industry.

Local production in Alicante, Spain

Another reason what makes Alohas so sustainable is local production in Spain. The design process begins in Barcelona. Then all the production takes place in Alicante, Spain. Because Alohas' office is also located in Spain, they have the opportunity to visit the ateliers regularly. This allows them to keep a close eye on working conditions. It also allows them to work with the production teams to constantly improve the quality of the shoes. Local production has another big advantage, as it also ensures a lower carbon footprint.

Alohas' durable materials

At Alohas, they have something for everyone. For example, they have both leather and vegan shoes. The leather is only supplied by suppliers certified by the Leather Working Group. This is the world's largest sustainability program for leather. For the vegan leather they use very special and innovative materials. After much research, Alohas arrived at two types of vegan leather: corn & cactus. Corn has many advantages. For example, it is water repellent and lighter as leather. Cactus is also very suitable as vegetable leather. For example, it is breathable, bacteria resistant and easy to clean. Not only the leather is durable at Alohas, the other parts of the shoes are also made of sustainable materials. For example, the soles are made of a whopping 99% recycled materials.