Hi, nice of you to read this new blog! Each week we highlight an item from our collection and this week it is the flared jeans. Flared jeans have become a must have and are loved by many people because of their flattering silhouette.

How flared jeans came to be

Flared jeans, or bell-bottom jeans originated in the 19th century when sailors started wearing these jeans because they did not yet have a uniform. They also call it bell-bottom because the jeans are tight but flare wide underneath (like a bell). The legs of these jeans are easy to roll up, which is why these jeans were great for working on deck.

The flared jeans through the years 

In the 1920s, flared pants were introduced by Coco Chanel but it wasn't until the 1960s that they became fashionable. During this era, the pants symbolized rebellion and non-conformity. Inspired by the hippie movement, young people began to embrace a more relaxed and free-spirited style, including wide-leg jeans. The flared design allowed for freedom of movement and became synonymous with the carefree lifestyle. In the 1970s, flared jeans became a symbol of the disco era. People started decorating the model with colorful embroidery or patchwork.

Flared jeans durable | Sophie Stone

The flared jeans now

As we know, fashion repeats itself and in the early 2000s flared jeans slowly came back. Modern elements were incorporated into flared jeans, such as higher waists and subtle flared legs, different type of fabrics making them more versatile and attractive to a wider audience. Nowadays you can find this model in all kinds of variations.

 Flared jeans organic cotton | Sophie Stone

Sustainable flared jeans and pants at Sophie Stone

At Sophie Stone, flared pants are available in different washes, fabrics and lengths, suitable for different body types and personal preferences. These include the jeans models Flared Hazen and Isy Flared by Dutch brand MUD jeans and the Anamaa by ARMEDANGELS. If you prefer flared pants made of stretch fabric look at the Leylaari by ARMEDANGELS or the Knitted pants green by Thinking Mu. You can pair the pants with a blazer and heels for a chic look or casual with a sweater and sneakers.

 MUD jeans flared | Sophie Stone

Flared jeans MUD jeans | Sophie Stone


- Anna Sophie Slingerland