Spring is coming. Therefore, we thought it would be good to make a big denim summer guide . Because what exactly is the difference between the shorts or where do the undyed jeans differ from each other. All the answers can be found in this guide. In it we show you all our summer sustainable jeans and shorts, and explain exactly what the differences are. That way you can be sure you're making the right choice when you're looking for a summer sustainable denim item. Take a quick look and find a few tips at the bottom to style items in different types of outfits. Because the advantage of denim is that you can combine it endlessly.

Sustainable jeans from ARMEDANGELS

At the sustainable brand ARMEDANGELS there is a lot of choice when it comes to denim. They are constantly working to make their jeans even more sustainable. You may have heard of their DetoxDenim. Armedangels' goal is to detoxify all the steps in the production process of making denim. This is because there are still many toxic substances used in jeans production. Those substances normally occur at all steps of the production process. That means from cotton growing, to dyeing, to bleaching. At Armedangels, they do this completely differently. A lot is saved in the production of their jeans. For example, they use:

  • 40% less water
  • 64% less CO2-eq
  • No hazardous chemicals

The popular shorts ARMEDANGELS

Armedangels has many choices in durable jeans and shorts. At Sophie Stone, we sell the Silvaa and the Freymaa. The difference between the 2 shorts is that the Silvaa is more fitted on the thigh and the Freymaa is a bit looser (for slim thighs). Also, the length of both shorts is different. The Freymaa is a bit longer. The Silvaa shorts have rolled up legs, but these are not stitched so you can roll them out if necessary. 


Silvaa vs. Freymaa

Armedangels' sustainable undyed jeans

Armedangels also has some undyed DetoxDenim in their collection. These are items that, as the name implies, are not dyed. This makes the jeans even more durable. Cotton naturally has a beige color, so this is the same color that the undyed items have. We in the Sophie Stone collection chose the summery undyed jeans from Armedangels. Namely the Mairaa undyed. These pants are real mom jeans. High waisted and a slightly loose fit with narrow tapered legs. Depending on your body and the size you choose it will be tight or slightly loose at the thighs. The legs of these jeans belong cropped.

Mairaa undyed ARMEDANGELS | Sophie Stone 

Denim from the Dutch brand Mud Jeans

Mud jeans is, as the name suggests, a real jeans brand. The Dutch brand uses organic cotton for their jeans. By using organic cotton there is no need to use dangerous chemicals, pesticides and insecticides and. Also, the use of organic cotton saves as much as 6523 liters of water per pair of jeans. In addition, the jeans consist of 40% recycled cotton from old jeans. This makes the jeans very sustainable. Mud Jeans does not use leather labels. Instead, they use printed labels on the back of the denim. They do this for a reason. Namely, to ensure that the jeans can be recycled after use because they only consist of one type of material. Sophie Stone's favorite Mud Jeans. 

For the slightly cooler spring or summer days, we have several light denim jeans in the webshop. From Armedangels we have the Carenaa jeans and the Enijaa hemp mineral blue. The Carenaa is a mid-waist jeans with a straight leg. The Enijaa is a lovely summer wide leg, high waist jeans made from an organic hemp opinion. Also from Mud jeans, we have 3 lightweight jeans: the Skinny Hazen, Relax Rose and Faye straight. The Hazen has a connected skinny fit, the Relax Rose is a high waist mom jeans and the Faye straight has a nice straight leg.  

durable lightweight jeans


mud jeans | Sophie Stone

Tip when buying denim: When choosing the size, it is important to remember that jeans and shorts always flare out. So if the jeans are just a little tight while trying them on, chances are that after wearing them for a while, they will fit perfectly. Every time you wash the jeans, they will get a little smaller again, and after wearing them, they will come out again. Don't wash jeans too often anyway. This is not necessary at all and actually makes them last less long. More tips on caring for your jeans can be found here.

Pair your denim with:

A nice pair of durable jeans or shorts is a real must-have in every wardrobe. Combine this denim endlessly during different occasions. We show you our favorite slow fashion looks.

Jeans: Enijaa hemp mineral blue by ARMEDANGELS
Blouse: powerful bloom print by Lanius

Sandal: Litizia sandal beige by Alohas
Purse: Nara bag orange by Thinking Mu
Earrings: Euphoria rose gold by A Beautiful Story


Shorts: Silvaa shorts from ARMEDANGELS
T-shirt: Sunset t-shirt from Thinking MU 

Shoes: Nova butter white by VEJA
Phone lanyard: Rose from House of Useless
Phone case: case from House of Useless

March 07, 2023 - Anna Sophie Slingerland

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