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 Capsule wardrobe creation | Sophie Stone

Will 2023 be the year you start putting together a capsule wardrobe, but have no idea where to start? We understand how frustrating it is when your closet is full of clothes that don't really make you happy. Therefore we help you in 8 practical tips to a minimalist closet. So that every day you effortlessly choose a nice outfit from your own capsule wardrobe. This will give you more peace of mind and is also better for the environment!


Sample capsule wardrobe

In 1970, Susie Faux, owner of a clothing boutique in London, came up with the idea of helping her customers achieve a minimalist wardrobe. She helped women spend their money more consciously on quality clothes with a nice fit. Thus, these women created a stylish wardrobe, with clothes that literally fit them like a glove. We can only applaud Susie's idea. But what does such a minimalist wardrobe look like in practice? In the illustration below, you can see an example of a capsule wardrobe. You can use this illustration as inspiration for your spring/summer capsule wardrobe of 2023:

sample capsule wardrobe 2023 spring/summer


37 garments

Officially, you need 37 garments per season, to create a capsule wardrobe. This gives you enough items to create different outfits. We recommend you take this number as a guideline, but it does not matter if the final number of garments in your capsule wardrobe differs slightly. The important thing is that you have a good basic collection, with items that you can combine and that make you look confident. Are you ready to put together your own capsule wardrobe for 2023? In the steps below we will explain how to do it!


In 8 steps to your own capsule wardrobe:

  • First, choose which season you want to create the capsule wardrobe for. 
  • Get all the clothes for this season out of your closet. Make three piles: a pile you are totally happy with, a pile to give away/donate and a doubt pile. Divide all your clothes among these three piles. 
  • You can take the pile to give away to the thrift store or the clothing bank. You can also organize a clothing exchange party with your friends/friends or sell the clothes. 
  • The "doubt pile" is a tip from a professional organizer; you put these clothes in a sealed box and keep them for up to six months. Anything you don't take out in this six months you can then give away or sell. 
  • Time to get inspired! Based on the pile you are very happy with, you can further develop your style. For this, you can use Pinterest, Canva and/or magazines. Create a mood board with outfits you like. You can make one general moodboard or a moodboard by season.
  • Now that you know what clothing style you like, it's time to determine the basic colors for your capsule wardrobe. These colors are the foundation for your capsule wardrobe and are perfect for garments such as pants, skirts and shoes. To determine these colors, you can look at the colors that appear frequently on your mood board. Neutral colors, such as beige, white, black, gray, dark blue or dark green, are very useful to use as base colors. These colors combine easily with tops in other shades.
  • Now that you've chosen your base colors, you can add accent colors. These shades are perfect for top pieces like blouses and tops. Here you can use some more bold colors if necessary. To determine your accent colors, look again at your mood board and the pile of clothes that make you happy. What colors do you like to wear? If you could use some help with this, you could book a color analysis.

 Capsule wardrobe making | Sophie Stone

Sustainable clothing shopping for your minimalist closet


Now that you've chosen your clothing style, basic colors and accent colors, it's time to go shopping! To do this, it's best to make a list of the clothes that are still missing from your closet so that you only buy what you really need. 

To get you started, we've created a sample list. We understand that putting together a capsule wardrobe is very personal. Therefore, we have linked mostly basic garments, from sustainable clothing brands, that will do well in any minimalist wardrobe. On our website, you can also search by color. This can help you put together a fine capsule wardrobe that completely matches your mood board.


Clothing inspiration for your capsule wardrobe

You can use the list below as inspiration when putting together your sustainable spring/summer 2023 capsule wardrobe. Here we have assumed a capsule wardrobe with 37 garments.

2x Jeans (skinny, wide leg, mom-fit, or straight: use your mood board as inspiration for a fitting you feel comfortable in!)

2x pants

2x supple pants

2x yoga leggings + matching top

2x sweater

3x summer sweater

3x longsleeve

3x blouse

2x jacket or blazer

2x cardigan

2x t-shirt short sleeve

2x casual top/shirt

1x casual dress

1x chic dress

1x matching set

2x sneakers

1x loafers

1x sandals

1x heels/chic shoes

1x slippers


Are you looking for something special to complement your capsule wardrobe, or do you find it difficult to discover what looks good on you? We would like to follow in the footsteps of Susie Faux and help you put together your capsule wardrobe in our sustainable clothing store in Utrecht. In our store you will find the most beautiful minimalist clothing brands, but also for a colorful capsule wardrobe you can come to us. In addition, we have honest clothes for both men and women. You can just walk into our store at Steenweg 11. The coffee & tea is ready! 

March 07, 2023 - Elske Silver

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