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Mausons is the name and slow fashion is the game

Mausons is a men's underwear line founded by Mauro Wilsons Estevão. Mauro became a national symbol in 2011 for the discussion surrounding the failing asylum policy in the Netherlands. After this black page in his life, he decided he actually wanted to make a positive impact on the world. This resulted in the Mausons brand in 2021, a fashionable & sustainable men's underwear brand.

Mausons' sustainable materials, TENCEL™ Modal

Mausons says it offers a better alternative compared to the current standard, appealing to consumers on the impact of their purchasing power. Mausons' boxer shorts are made beechwood pulp, from TENCEL™ Modal fibers. These are extracted from naturally grown beech wood in specially managed forest areas, in Austria and neighboring countries. The production process surrounding this material is the least harmful to humans, animals and the environment. All-European production with demonstrably good working conditions. Attention to product and people.

Let's change fashion. Let's start with the basics

The cooperation with the manufacturer Lenzing is the first step in this. The Austrian manufacturer of a.o. TENCEL™ Modal is a pioneer in ecologically and ethically responsible textile production. Using Micro technology, the Modal fibers are extra soft and light.

Mausons uses only biodegradable packaging materials for packaging and shipping.

Donate to charity

Mausons supports the Het Vergeten Kind foundation. This foundation is dedicated to the welfare of children in the Netherlands by creating a loving environment where children feel seen and heard.

Mauro Wilson: ''At one time I was such a forgotten child myself. Fortunately, I ended up in a loving foster home. Now I am a proud entrepreneur and it is my turn to help children who are struggling!''

For every product sold, Mausons donates €1 to The Forgotten Child Foundation. 

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