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Sustainable swimwear 

Our sustainabel swimwear collection from Dedicated and our brand new brand AAVA has something for everyone: cheerful bikini tops with high and low bikini bottoms in colorful prints or a beautiful plain or striped swimsuit with a wrap-over neckline, ruffles or sheer straps as an accent. 

Made of sustainable materials: rPET & Econyl

Dedicated's sustainable swimwear is made of rPET: polyester made from recycled PET bottles. This material is super soft, fast drying, retains its shape well and has a quality look. For the production of rPET no petroleum and requires 59% less energy consumed, 32% less CO2 emitted and less water required than new polyester.

AAVA's swimming costumes are made of ECONYL: an innovative material based on recycled ocean plastic such as PET bottles and fishing nets. This material provides support during swimming and is resistant to oils, creams and chlorine. It breathes, is comfortable and is super soft and stretchy.

Read more about recycled polyester

Both Econyl and rPET are forms of recycled polyester. Polyester is plastic, so you may be wondering how can this still be sustainable? Unfortunately, for clothes where it is important that they dry quickly, it is not possible to make them from natural materials. Imagine a bikini made of wool or cotton: it stays wet for hours. If we do use polyester, it is a lot less environmentally damaging to use recycled polyester instead of new polyester. Want to know more about this? Then read our blog Is clothing made of recycled polyester and nylon sustainable??